Precise Cancer Treatment Found With Linear Accelerators

In the year 1956 the first medical linear accelerator was used in treatment for the first time in the Western Hemisphere. It was developed at Stanford. As technology continues to advance, LINAC equipment is keeping track as the most superior radiation therapy option that is obtainable today. Linear accelerators manufacture and distribute radiation with undeniable exactness that until 1956 was unavailable. Treatment using LINAC equipment is precise up to the millimeter.

Linear accelerator, with its advanced technology is used in all the most advanced radiation treatments. Working in conjunction with computers LINAC equipment can create highly sophisticated, goal oriented radiation therapy treatments including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT).

Revolutionary treatments are altering the ways in which cancer is being treated. Radiation therapy is now an option for numerous types of cancers. More cancer patients than ever before can take advantage of the radiation therapies available today. Exactly what is it about radiation therapy using linear accelerator technology that makes this possible?

Radiation oncologist therapists take images using digitized technology, both two dimensional and three dimensional images, to layout where the cancerous tumors lay within the healthy surrounding tissues and organs. This allows for incredibly targeted radiation treatment for the cancerous tumor without affecting the healthy tissues and organs surrounding it. With the accuracy of linear accelerator equipment patients are only required to hold still for approximately ten minutes while they receive the targeted treatment.

Interfacing with computers, LINAC equipment can create highly developed, objective radiation therapy treatments. The computer systems are advanced enough that the technology stores information about the patients and the treatment they are receiving to help oncologists and radiation therapists chart a detailed course of action to follow.

The benefits of using linear accelerators in radiation treatment over other options are abundant. One of the most basic advantages is the benefit of comfort and personalization. To ensure that cancer patients receiving treatment are as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment they are given full sized molds that have been personalized to their exact specifications. This allows patients the ability to be stabilized during radiation therapy treatments. When treating cancers in the brain a full sized mask is fitted to the patients face to allow it to sit comfortably in the position that is the most optimal for treatment. Most facilities also allow radiation technologists sooth patients by playing music during treatment as well.

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