New PHASER Linac Continues to Make Improvements To Radiotherapy Treatments

The advancements in LINAC technology are significant.  In just the last few decades, the ability to treat cancers effectively without harming additional healthy tissues have grown considerably.  Linear accelerators have been transformed into systems that offer different techniques to target cancerous tumors.  Intensity-modulated irradiation as well as particle therapies have helped to ensure the maximum dose of radiation can be given to the tumor without over exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues. Image guided radiation LINAC systems allow images to be taken while delivering radiation thus decreasing the amount of uncertainty in the location of the tumors.  One of the last hurdles modern technology is working to address is patient movement, however slight, during treatment. In this installment from Physics World, “PHASER linac will translate FLASH radiotherapy to the clinic” we are introduced to technology that looks to address this issue.

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