Advancements in Systems That Offer Treatment of Radiation Therapy

There are constant advancements in the treatment of diseases.  With these advancements the equipment used in treatment must also continue to evolve.  Radiation therapy is a great example of this process, as the cancers treated change and more effective treatments are found the equipment used must also adapt.  You can see this with IGRT, Image-Guided Radiation Therapy, that not only delivers the radiation therapy but does so while incorporating imaging as the treatment is being done.  So instead of separate imaging and then radiation this process allows everything to happen at once. 

It is important for companies like ours, Radparts, and our sister company, Acceletronics, to stay up to date on advancements within our industry such as the ones found in Imaging Technology NewsAs an industry leader in sales, service, and support of new & refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners, and OEM replacement parts for linear accelerators and radiation equipment we are a one stop shop for medical facilities and health care centers.

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