Access To Immediate Medical Equipment Repair Services and Parts Is Imperative

When medical equipment breaks down it is imperative that repair services are almost immediate.  Downtime in a medical setting can literally be the difference between life and death so having the ability to have direct access to medical equipment repair services should be of the utmost priority.  Another detail that is forgotten is the urgency of finding the parts for medical equipment.  Without the proper parts to fix down machines technicians are at a stalemate with getting much need equipment like LINACS and CT scanners up and going again.

Having instantaneous access to OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators, Radiotherapy CT Simulators and Radiation Oncology equipment is pertinent.  With newer equipment it is often difficult to find access to replacement parts.  Newer medical equipment can be difficult to find replacement parts for simply because of the newness of the piece to the market.

This is just one of the many reasons that when medical facilities are in need of new equipment they look into purchasing refurbished equipment.  Parts are more accessible for older, refurbished equipment.  The more universal and successful the model, the more readily replacement parts will be.  The more readily available the replacement parts for LINACS, CT scanners and radiotherapy equipment the less likely you are to have downtime due to service issues.  The ease of accessing these parts will make them more affordable to purchase.  Affordable replacement parts make it possible for facilities to keep key medical equipment replacement components on hand and ready to be installed if equipment failure should occur.

The cost savings associated with purchasing refurbished when looking to replace important medical equipment.  This allows newer, smaller facilities to afford top quality, name brand equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar machine brand new.  It is important to note that we aren’t just talking about a few thousand dollars here.  When looking into buying a Linear Accelerator or CT scanner facilities are looking at a bill upwards of three million dollars.  Many times the purchase of refurbished equipment can save facilities upwards of fifty percent of what they would have paid to buy the equipment brand new.  Think about that, the savings could be upwards of one point five million dollars.  This isn’t small change no matter what industry you come from but especially not in medicine.

From easy access to replacement parts and immediate service to cost savings and customer service buying refurbished medical equipment is a solid business decision.

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